"Sheltering in place isn't so bad if you just pronounce it 'shelter en place' — as in mise en place — and prepare dishes you might have enjoyed elsewhere in the world."
–Erik Trinidad

Years before the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown of 2020–2022, travel and food writer Erik Trinidad started styling fast food into extreme gourmet makeovers, and created the acclaimed, award-winning food humor blog, Fancy Fast Food—which ultimately became a satirical cookbook.

Grounded from international travel for over a year during the pandemic, Trinidad turned to his kitchen to at least travel culinarily through food. Not only was his cooking an escape from being cooped up at home, but a self-taught culinary education, learning about new cooking techniques—and with fresh and new ingredients, instead of fast food.

The result of his pandemic hobby is this collection of 101+ cooking videos and photos of recipes inspired by destinations around the world.

(Exact amounts of ingredients are not shown, as cooking—as opposed to baking—is not an exact science. The visuals of ingredient amounts in the videos provide a rough estimate. You can always adjust to suit your taste.)